Author: Jim Dawson

Why do some people respond better to exercise than others?

You may have noticed that some people respond better to exercise than others. That is, while some are more easily able to lose weight and gain muscle mass, others who do the same type of training are unable to achieve a similar result. In addition, we also see that some people have better performance in […]

Abs exercises: Truths and myths you didn’t know

Seeking weight loss, many people resort to abdominal exercises. But, after all, the abdominals lose weight? Not alone. But, if made as a supplement, they can be great allies mainly for speeding up your metabolism, even at rest, making you burn more calories during the day. So we have listed 4 sit-ups that will help […]

Learn the secret to having energy during exercise

Just as the car needs fuel to run, our body needs energy during exercise. However, there are many doubts as to how best to obtain this energy to improve performance in training. We can call energy the capacity that our body has to perform work, that is, to apply force or cause displacements. Its production […]

Is it okay to take a shower right after training?

When we practice physical activities, our body temperature increases and we sweat more. This feeling of being sweaty arouses a great desire to bathe right after training, isn’t it? However, according to experts, this is not the best thing to do. The high perspiration during and after the exercises happens because with the effort made, […]

Are 14 minutes of exercise enough to lose weight?

Some believe that to lose weight, physical activity must be performed for long periods, of at least one hour. With that thought, a lot of people end up giving up their training for not being able to fit them into the routine. However, today studies prove that only 14 minutes of exercise is enough to […]

Learn how to contract your abdomen during exercise

If you practice or have practiced physical exercises, you probably heard someone say the phrases: “suck the navel”, “navel in the back”, “feel the belly flatten”, “don’t let the belly bulge”. All of them, however, mean nothing more, nothing less than contracting the abdomen during exercise. But do you know why this region’s contraction in […]

The 8 Unknown and Extremely Important Benefits of Abdominal Exercises

It is common to think that the benefits of abdominal exercises are limited to a defined and hard belly. However, the strength and endurance we gain from exercises aimed at this region go far beyond aesthetics. Of course, strengthening the muscles of the belly is not bad! But if you also knew about the other […]

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