Ariane changed from mannequin 42 to 38 in 45 days

Ariane Annunciação, 25 years old, managed to reach her goal and reducing the mannequin from 42 to 38 in just 45 days . Alan’s mother, 1 year and 5 months old, who takes care of herself, found some time to do the exercises and lose 10kg in total .

What was her life like before she started the program? How did you feel about your body?

I was always a little chubby, but since I started working out, I started to put on more weight. It was difficult to stay below 70 kg. When I got pregnant, I was very heavy: 77kg. I had just entered the gym to lose this overweight but I discovered pregnancy. During the gestation period, I gained 14kg, reaching almost 90kg. Even losing 20kg after childbirth , my belly was horrible: all flabby and streaked. I was very dissatisfied with my body, in general

What inspired you to change and start Mama Sarada?

When I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that horrible belly, streaked, with umbilical hernia and abdominal diastasis, I was very discouraged. he realized that a change was needed. But I didn’t have much opportunity due to the lack of time. For working at home and taking full care of the baby, there was no way to go to the gym or do many exercises outdoors. When I saw Mama Sarada , I didn’t even think twice.

What was the biggest problem you faced before starting the program? How did Mama Sarada help you overcome this problem?

I started working from home when my baby was just 16 days old. Since then, I wake up very early and work from 5 am to 11 am. When he was 4 months old, I got another home office to do in the afternoon. So, I never had much time available. I also have no one to share the care with my son. My husband works in Africa and comes every 6 months for just two weeks. It’s me and him alone all day. The question of Mamãe Sarada requiring only 15 minutes of my time was the big difference. My son’s nap times do not always match the ones I have free, but now that he is 1 year and 4 months old, I can distract some time with drawing or something for mom to work out.

What were the results you had so far with Mama Sarada? Which one are you most proud of?

I am very proud to have already lost 10kg in 45 days. I started the program with 72 kg and now I am 62 kg. My initial goal was this. I reduced my mannequin from 42 to 38 and I’m much happier with my body. I haven’t seen that number since 2010, I think. I’m also thickening my legs, in addition to the stretch marks on my belly that seem to be disappearing.

How has your life changed since the day the program started until today?

It has improved a lot. I am more willing to play with my son and for the various activities that I have to perform during the day. I carry Alan all day and, at Carnival, for example, I skipped the block with him on my lap and I didn’t feel any pain in my back, even though he already weighed more than 13kg. Before, when he weighed a lot less, I felt a lot of pain. In addition, I have always had constipation since I was a child and I am also feeling changes in this.

Ariane changed from mannequin 42 to 38 in 45 days

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