6 reasons to work out at home

Attending a gym is not always the best option for some people who want to lead a healthy life, lose weight or even keep in shape. Whether due to lack of time, shame or low budget, it does not mean that it is not possible to exercise. On the contrary. Working out at home is a great solution, bringing positive results and often even better than hours of weight training.


It is important to think that physical exercise not only improves physical health but also mental health and the proper functioning of our body as a whole. Increased confidence, improved posture, increased strength , less propensity to acquire injuries, greater disposition and less anxiety are some of the benefits of being an active person.

However, unlike what many people think it is not necessary to leave the house to have a healthy life. Using only your own body weight, indoors or even in the garden, it is possible to reach the goal, and still have numerous advantages that a gym does not offer. Below we list some of them:


Working out at home allows us the ease of being able to practice the exercises at any time of the day. Often, when we have a full day, engaging in physical activity at some free time is easier without having to move elsewhere.

In addition, you don’t have to depend on a gym’s operating hours . Couldn’t you do it on Saturday? Reset training on Sunday. In an ordinary gym this would not be possible, as there are days and times when it will be closed.


Working out at home is not only practical, it’s also faster. With a focus on just a few high-intensity exercises you won’t waste your precious time. With just 15 minutes a day you can get great results.

Plus, you won’t have to travel and won’t spend time rotating sets on the gym’s equipment and chatting out.


In addition to not having to share the weight equipment, you will be in the comfort of home. If you exercise in your own home, you feel more peaceful.

It is a great advantage to be close to your bathroom, for example, if necessary, in addition to being close to the kitchen to have a snack right after exercise.


No enrollment, no monthly fees, no expense with transportation and new clothes, it helps in your pocket, so , u is less reason to think about giving up when the dim dim presses .

This savings can be used to invest in your diet , for example, generating even better results.


For many people, especially women, wearing tight clothing, shorts, getting sweaty in positions of four or with their legs spread creates discomfort and shyness.

In the privacy of your own home you can wear the clothes you want and without fear of being in awkward positions .


Working out at home you avoid that unpleasant situation of lying on a device or feeling wet with the sweat of others. Nothing more hygienic than your own things.

Of course, all this is only possible if you have motivation and mainly discipline in the exercise program to be carried out.

To make it easier, try to determine a time to work out and determine the goals you aim to achieve. Also, seek the advice of a nutritionist to work out a dietary reeducation. Losing weight at home is possible, but without closing your mouth it becomes much more difficult.


Mothers are those who have even less time to leave home to exercise and leave their child behind. With all the concern and responsibility focused on the child throughout the day, makes a gym inviable in routine.malhar-em-casa

However, we know that with pregnancy, women gain a few extra pounds and with them low self-esteem increases when looking in the mirror. To eliminate this unwanted gain and regain self-confidence, it takes time to take care of your own body.

It was with this lack of time in mind that the specialist in physical training for women, Gabriela Cangussú, created Mamãe Sarada , an online program that helps mothers who they want to recover the body they had before pregnancy as quickly as possible and without having to leave the baby.

The method tested by Gabriela itself consists of a sequence of training sessions aimed at mothers, focusing mainly on the members most affected in pregnancy such as the abdomen, buttocks and legs.

The program is shown by means of videos lasting only 14 minutes each , which can be taken anywhere, without the use of equipment and with personal online monitoring. This makes it easier for busy mothers to be able to fit in the exercises at some free time of the day and thus get back into shape quickly, spending little time in their day.

Remembering that regardless of the place that will be practiced, physical exercise should be done with pleasure and a lot of joy, the benefits will almost not exist if they are performed only out of obligation.

6 reasons to work out at home

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