Are 14 minutes of exercise enough to lose weight?

Some believe that to lose weight, physical activity must be performed for long periods, of at least one hour. With that thought, a lot of people end up giving up their training for not being able to fit them into the routine. However, today studies prove that only 14 minutes of exercise is enough to lose weight.


Any amount of physical activity, even for a short period of time, in addition to doing good for the body, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, can cause good results in the body. For that, must be used very well and done at a high heart rate for fat burning. In addition, this makes it easier to find time to exercise at some free time of the day.


Those who tend to underestimate the potential for fat loss with few exercises a day, it is because they do not believe in the simple fact that relatively short intervals are capable of producing very significant results. Even though the body’s workload is small in a short time, 14 minutes of exercise is enough to lose weight, as long as these are done with great intensity.

To prove this point, a survey conducted at Queen’s University, Canada and published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism , studied the effects of short and high intensity training dividing 1,800 people in two groups: half did moderate exercise for 150 minutes a week, while others did vigorous exercise only 75 minutes a week – just over ten minutes a day. In the end, this second group obtained more benefits from exercise than the group that trained with moderate intensity.

Another recent study has shown that some high intensity interval training sessions over two weeks, for example, increase fat burning during exercise by more than 30%.

With this, it is possible to see that short sessions of high intensity can produce adaptations similar or even better to those related to periods of continuous exercise of more moderate intensity. That’s because energy expenditure will remain high during recovery periods between exercise intervals.


The main benefit of the high intensity training method is that even after you finish your session, you still continue to burn calories, unlike light to moderate exercise that promotes fat burning and the caloric expenditure only during the effort made.

This is because high intensity training increases the body’s need for oxygen during exercise and creates a shortage of it during exercise . Therefore, anaerobic energy (without the use of oxygen) prevails during the high intensity period and causes the resting basal metabolic rate to continue burning calories. Exactly the process needed to reduce the weight.

Burning fat in this way is more efficient and speeds up metabolism, causing more calories to burn throughout the rest of the day. Furthermore, because they are exercises that require a lot of effort, also promote the increase of lean mass and physical conditioning, the production of the hormone GH, responsible for increasing the consumption of fat , and in addition, the inhibition of appetite.



Although it spends little time, nobody said that this type of training would be easy. On the contrary. It is not surprising that your legs become wobbly at the end of an intense workout. Even though it is not necessary to exercise at full intensity to see results, in this type of training you will have to get out of your “comfort zone” if you want to get the benefits.

The secret is in the combination of aerobic exercises with resistance / strength exercises. With this relay and a lot of effort, it is possible to start burning fat in the first 48 hours after performing the activity, and so the 14 minutes of exercise are enough to lose weight.



Lack of time is something that surrounds a mother’s routine, isn’t it? Therefore, short sessions of high intensity exercise are a great option for those women who have come out of pregnancy dissatisfied with the changes in their body, but who do not find an opening to exercise.

It was with this in mind that the specialist in physical training for women, Gabriela Cangussú, created the Mamãe Sarada program, to help mothers who want to recover the body they had before pregnancy as quickly as possible and without spending as much time as in a gym.

After gaining 14kg in her second pregnancy, Gabriela made her body a testing laboratory, until she reached the program method, with high intensity exercises that were responsible for her being in the best shape of her today. life.

Fast and Efficient

The Mamãe Sarada consists of a sequence of workouts shown in online videos lasting just 14 minutes each. It takes a few intense minutes for busy mothers to be able to keep up and get back into shape quickly, spending little time in their day and without having to leave their child.

The program’s weight loss and strengthening method meets the specific needs of mothers, focusing mainly on the most affected areas during pregnancy such as the belly, legs and buttocks, through dynamic and possible exercises docked at any free time . You can use the time the baby sleeps, plays or stays with the father, for example.

In addition, the trainings are instructed by Gabriela , who always gives tips and teachings on how to perform each exercise correctly. “In addition to the price being affordable, it is very good to have a personal trainer at home , doing the exercises together with you”, says student Marcela Oliveira, 24, mother of two children and that by adopting the program in their routine and improving their diet, they managed to lose 2 kg in the first 15 days.

Can be done anywhere

In addition, training can be done anywhere and without the use of devices , thus being a solution for non mothers with whom to leave the baby.

Are 14 minutes of exercise enough to lose weight?

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