Is it okay to take a shower right after training?

When we practice physical activities, our body temperature increases and we sweat more. This feeling of being sweaty arouses a great desire to bathe right after training, isn’t it? However, according to experts, this is not the best thing to do.

The high perspiration during and after the exercises happens because with the effort made, the breathing accelerates and there is the burning of energy, both exothermic reactions that release heat to the environment. So that the thermal balance with the external environment is reached more quickly, the body releases sweat.

As much as it bothers us , sweat keeps our body temperature in a healthy range. The heat generated during exercise causes moisture to evaporate and perspiration cools the body.


The bath should not be taken immediately after activities. In general, it is recommended to wait at least 10 to 15 minutes for the body to cool down and metabolism falls to lower levels, ending the sweating process.

Otherwise, sweat will continue to be produced after the bath, compromising skin hygiene and facilitating the growth of bacteria , such as ringworm for example.

The body after being energized, even after the end of activities, understands that it must continue producing sweat to regulate the body temperature. Continuing to sweat after showering, therefore, is an indication that the person did not wait for the body to come to rest.


Bathing right after training favors sweating.


To enter the shower c just wait until we notice that the sweating has stopped, especially in the summer and in places with very humid climates. This interval takes an average of 15 to 20 minutes to happen, but each person requires a different period depending on genetics, climatic conditions and physical fitness.

In colder environments, it is recommended that you wait this time with a new T-shirt, especially if the training was done with cotton clothes. So you do not run the risk of getting cold.

It is important to remember that the pause must be taken but that the bath is essential not only for hygiene but also for the functioning of your body. When a workout is more intense, not only the body that accelerates, but also your reasoning that enters a heavier rhythm, almost euphoric. The bath helps ideas get back in order, without that sense of urgency.



Warm water is the ideal temperature shower after workouts.

Some believe that taking an ice bath after weight training can favor muscle gain. However, this is a myth. After physical activity, blood circulation is already increased in the exercised muscles , regardless of whether you have taken a cold shower or not.

Furthermore, if you bathe in very cold water, instead of cutting the sweat, the effect will be the opposite and you will sweat even more , as the skin cools excessively and the body sends heat to maintain the temperature.

The ideal is warm water to start the bath and then adjust to the temperature you like. This will reduce the accumulated tension in the muscles and at the same time avoid late sweating.

Is it okay to take a shower right after training?

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