Does fast training lose weight?

Nowadays, many people, mainly women, worry a lot about losing weight. However, many times, due to the anxiety of seeing the result soon, they start using more complex and risky strategies such as the use of medications, miraculous diets and also the new method of physical exercises called Aerobic Em Fasting – the AEJ, which is being discussed a lot in the fitness world. But does training on fast lose weight?

AEJ works like this: after six to eight hours asleep, you get out of bed, change and go straight to your aerobic workout without eating anything.


Partially. We can say that training in fasting gets thinner but you have to be careful. Not all organisms are prepared for this type of more radical practice.

The idea that some health professionals and some practitioners of physical activities defend is that, practicing AEJ, there will be an absence of food in the body, and therefore, there will be no glucose available in the blood to serve as a source of energy during exercise . Thus, as a form of substitution, the body will prioritize the use of fats as a quick source of energy, resulting in weight loss.

A person who trains while fed, will experience less fat loss during physical activity. That’s because, before burning that fat the body will first burn the glucose from the food eaten . Soon after, fat starts to be used as an energy source, which means that fasting, fat burning will be faster.

In other words, the explanation for this is that, when fasting, the body has no sugar reserve as fuel, so the body activates the “survival” mode and uses a mechanism protection that makes the person decreases the use of glucose and increases the use of fat.

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The AEJ then seems to be the solution to lose the pounds you want so much, right? But not everything is perfect”. Although some studies claim that under these circumstances fat burning is greater, other professionals consider the practice to be risky.

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine in 2013, proved that by making AEJ a habit, the body starts to burn not only fat, but also muscle proteins , resulting in muscle wasting and compromising exercise performance.

With AEJ it is possible to lose fat, but on the other hand, if there is no supply of carbohydrates in the period before training, the body will use the protein present in the muscle to meet the energy demand, and will occur the degradation of lean mass , and the expected result will not be achieved. fraqueza

The lack of food causes weakness and indisposition, which make training performance lower than in a normal situation. The result, therefore, will be less calorie expenditure and few visible changes in the scale.

In addition, post-training is also less effective for those who train on fast. For those who eat before working out , the post-workout will bring more results, as this will activate adaptations that stimulate fat burning also throughout the day.

The method can also affect the practitioner’s health. Lack of food can lead to hypoglycemia, which happens when the amount of sugar in the blood drops, causing a feeling of malaise, headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea and even fainting. So be careful!


The AEJ method is widely used by high performance athletes, such as bodybuilders for example. These people generally have a very low percentage of fat and a physical fitness well above the average of the population, and therefore the results with this type of practice are more possible.

Even so, fasting is only indicated in this case with special supplementation, upon medical supervision, so as not to cause health problems.


The only healthy way to lose fat without losing muscle is to control our food and balance this nutrient intake with physical activity.


At the beginning of any physical activity, the substrate that the body uses is carbohydrate, which is stored in the form of glycogen. This is an indispensable nutrient for those who exercise and also for those who want to decrease body fat mass. As the practice continues, fats are burned naturally.

So don’t worry, eating before you exercise will lose fat more slowly, but in a more correct and healthier way.

Does fast training lose weight?

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