Abs exercises: Truths and myths you didn’t know

Seeking weight loss, many people resort to abdominal exercises. But, after all, the abdominals lose weight? Not alone. But, if made as a supplement, they can be great allies mainly for speeding up your metabolism, even at rest, making you burn more calories during the day. So we have listed 4 sit-ups that will help you lose your belly.

Surely you must have heard, at least once, that to lose belly fat, abdominals are the only solution. However, there are truths and myths that surround this type of exercise.



– Abdominal exercises lose localized belly fat. MYTH . This type of exercise alone is not responsible for burning the accumulated fat in this area but it can improve your appearance, leaving your abdomen stiff and without cellulite. In addition, if combined with aerobic exercise, they can help with weight loss.

– Abdominal exercises are responsible for making the stomach look “six pack”. TRUTH . When performed correctly, it is an excellent way to define the muscles of the abdomen.

– Abdominal exercises burn a lot of calories when we do a large number of repetitions. MYTH. of exercise does not cause a high caloric expenditure and are not enough to lose weight.

Five minutes doing sit-ups, for example, causes your body to burn only 25 to 50 calories, depending on your weight. This means that you need about a month to lose a pound of fat by doing just 10 minutes of daily is abs, without combining them with another type of exercise.como-fazer-abdominais

– Abdominal exercises are essential for a successful workout. TRUTH. Although you don’t burn a lot of calories, when you use your muscles to perform your abdominals, they tone up, and this can help speed up your metabolism even when you’re resting, thus helping you lose weight.

– There is no right way to perform the sit-up. MYTH . Like the other anaerobic exercises, the secret of the abdominal is to feel the muscle working. Trying to isolate and force him will bring positive results, but always paying attention to the spine so as not to cause injury.

– Abdominal exercises performed on devices, such as those sold on television, may be less effective . TRUTH . True, because then you will pay less attention to what your body is doing and will not perform better.

– There are several variations of abdominal exercises that help you lose weight. TRUTH. Stabilization exercises, like the board for example, burn more calories and use other parts of the body .

Another good option is the exercise in which you support your body with your arms and back and bring your knees towards your chest, working your abdominal muscles.

Below we have separated some of these variations. There are 4 abdominal exercises that included in an exercise program, will help you lose your belly for good:

Leg lift board


The front plank is one of the best abdominal exercises, as it works the entire abdominal region, both anterior, posterior and lateral, not harming the spine or posture in any way, and also using other parts of the body.

To do this, lie on your stomach, support your elbows on the floor and spread your feet shoulder width apart. Elevate the legs extended alternately for 30 seconds each.


Abdominal Supra hugging the knee

This type of abdominal works the upper and medial region of the abdomen. Although its execution is simple, it is very efficient and safe.

A mistake that people make in this exercise is to lose the contraction of the abdomen on the way up. This can create overload on your spine, so stay tuned.

To do this, lie on your back, extend your legs and arms. Then, lift your torso and flex your knees, hugging them. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement for 30 seconds.

Side board with leg lift


The side plank is an isometric exercise, in which you stand on your side on the floor, with only your forearm resting on the floor as well as the side of your foot. It is a great exercise in body awareness and to improve your posture by contracting more the lateral regions of the abdomen.

To do this, lie on your side and support one of your elbows. Place the other arm next to your body or around your waist as shown in the photo. Raise your legs straight and stay in position for 30 seconds. Repeat with the other side. If you want to make it difficult, also extend your arm.


Abdominal with altered legs

It is an excellent exercise for the frontal region, with an emphasis on the medial region of the abdomen.

To do this, lie on your back, flex one leg and stretch the other. As we lift the torso the leg that is stretched will rise to the same by bending at a 90 degree angle. When performing this movement, bring your hands together below the raised leg as if to clap your hands.

Return to the initial lying position and repeat the movement, changing your legs as fast as you can.


– If you’re going to work on your abdominal muscles, also work on other large muscle groups, like your legs, arms and back, making your body more balanced.

– Remember also not to perform the same abdominal exercise every day , so that the muscle fibers rest and thus reach their maximum potential during execution. In order to achieve a good result, experts recommend that you rest your muscles for at least a day after working them out and follow an exercise program to work different muscle groups on different days .

– Consume less calories than you expend and generate a calorie deficit. That way, you will lose fat from the whole body and, as a consequence, fat from the belly as well.

Abs exercises: Truths and myths you didn’t know

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